Sunday, December 13, 2009

Prayers for Yulia...

Had fun today handing out the socks, gloves and hats I bought for a few of the kids.  We then had a little party with cookies, fruit and juice.  I love spending time with the children - Griffan stayed busy most of the time taking pictures which kept his pouting to a minimum (only once).  We were wrapping things up to take Griffan and Luba with us to our apartment when one girl began to first she wouldn't tell us why, but she finally told us she was crying because she too wanted a mama and papa.  My heart was breaking for her.

I truly wish at this moment I could win the lottery and bring her, her 3 sisters and brother home with me too but the odds aren't very good.  Please say a prayer for Yulia, her large sibling group makes it very difficult to find a family that is willing, but it doesn't prevent her from wanting parents to love her and care for her.  God is more than able to provide, and all 5 of the kids are amazing....beautiful, sweet, smart, polite, kind, .....

I am praying that this year, Yulia gets her Christmas wish.......a mama and papa who love her and cherish her for the beautiful girl that she is, as well as her beautiful sisters and brother.  It is the season for miracles.

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  1. The background reminds me of an apartment we stayed in in Kyiv across from an Irish pub. Man, was that apartment stinky with cigarette smoke and almost clean. Gosh, I love the U.S. What is it, 6 more days for you all? That said, I would love to take Kole back for a visit. Do you have any idea how that could be arranged? Jefferson Hunt